Friday, September 28, 2007

Dawn of the burger

Well, tomorrow is the big day and here at Rick's Place we have our grills, (gas and charcoal) ready to fire up; just waiting for the Dawn of the BBB contest finals tomorrow in Napa Valley - we love the smell of NAPA in the morning, it smells like victory.

So get ready to light your fires and we'll keep you on the "ground round" with good burgers, good wine and good eats all weekend. Live from Sutter Homes Build a Better Burger Cook-off it's Here's Cooking at You, Kids' coverage of the Best Burger in America finals.

Finalists Jamie Martin and Erin Evenson (left and middle) pose with Erin’s mom (right) at our pre-BBB bash.Check out Colleen's blog coverage from the event and send us your best burger picks/suggestions, maybe yours will be next years "classic" at Rick's Place.

Gentlemen & ladies, start your grills.

Here's cooking at you, Kid, Rick

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