Thursday, July 26, 2007

Femmes Artisanes

Women collectives have been a staple of human communities from earliest known agrairian societies; happily they exist still.

Femmes Artisanes is a non profit group devoted to the work of female craft workers in Morocco and Turkey. Their goal is to enable local women craft workers and through their experience, women around the world, to use microcredit and individual savings in the hope of creating their personal, global sense of productivity and equality.

Femmes Artisanes allows women to develop beyond their cultural constraints, beyond themselves and move forward by the use of calm, feminine and responsible decisions.

For more information contact
Fatim-Zahra Benharbet
General Secretary
PlaNet Finance Morocco

In Arabic, this country is variously called Maghreb, Al aksa or Al Maghrib al aqsa (the land of the setting sun). Thanks to its varied land and mountainscapes, Morocco has become a popular travel destination, renowned for its imperial cities, medieval medinas, unique food and artistic handicrafts. Al Maghrib al aqsa is indeed a rich land populated by a warm, welcoming and vivacious people…

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